Four Mermaids

Location & Hours

Four Mermaids is located in picturesque Port Hood, Nova Scotia, a quiet seaside community on the Western coast of Cape Breton Island. We’re on Route 19, right next door to The Clove Hitch Bar & Bistro.

8790 Route 19,
Port Hood, Nova Scotia
(902) 787-3030

Meet the Mermaids

Danielle, Maria, Hanna, & Ava

These mermaids may not have fish tails like those of legendary folklore but they are the inspiration behind the name and theme for the Four Mermaids Gift Shop. These gals have spent the lazy days of summer in the ocean, beside the ocean and living the ocean everyday in this seaside community of Port Hood. There were days we thought they might grow tails and fins from swimming so much!

In a beachside community you have the luxury of “beachcombing” on a regular basis. We walk along the shores searching for treasures like driftwood, sea glass, shells and the ocean’s recycled items that have surged upon shore and we try to identify. It is ever-changing; making each adventure unique. We recommend giving it a try while you are here!

At Four Mermaids we transform some of those treasures into giftware for you. The ocean can be calm and peaceful or wild and raging, mesmerizing at times. Once you live the ocean life, it is always with you. There is a mystical feeling about it that simulates the tales of mermaids…

Stop by our gift shop for a unique display of sea-themed giftware and the largest collection of mermaids on the island…who knows…you may even see a real Mermaid!

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